Fishing Camp

Looking for an Exciting, Memorable,  Summer Activity for Your Child, filled with
Adventure, Learning and Fun?

Make Your Childs Summer one they will Never Forget!

Announcing our New Fishing Fun Camp!
Explore the waters of Long Island Sound  and discover sea life they never knew existed!  Learn all the Secret Tricks on catching Trophy sized Fish!  Get an inside look in the wheelhouse where our Captains will show them exactly how the Master Captains navigate the sea! Plus much more!

Sending Your Children home with a Big smile, lots of exciting fish stories and memories to last a lifetime is our goal!

From the desk of Captain Des OSullivan,
owner Celtic Quest Fleet, Port Jefferson NY

Hello and thanks so much for reading! We are very excited to announce this long awaited Fishing Fun Summer Camp!! In a moment,  I will tell you all about it.  But first,  I would love to share a quick story with you!  

Last year on a nice, warm, summer day in July, a young boy came walking down the dock holding the hands of his Mom and Dad. 

Apparently, this young boy had been asking for weeks for his parents take him out fishing on Long Island Sound.   His name is TJ, and like so many other 10 year olds, he was so excited  to go fishing finally onboard the boats he would see leaving the dock every day from Port Jefferson. 

His mom said it was all he talked about.... so finally they packed up a nice lunch and headed down with their excited boy beaming at their side.
When they arrived at the dock, they were a little unsure if this was a great idea, for TJ was only 10 and had never been fishing off of a "real" boat, as he called it.  

We assured them that by all means it was a great idea and they had nothing to worry about.  

We told them that teaching kids to fish was what we know and love to do and that he would fit right in with the rest of the children on the boat.   We assured her that countless kids before him have come out and had a great time and we would absolutely help him every step of the way.   

So they hopped onboard, TJ picked the "best" spot on the boat and we headed off to the fishing grounds. 

Well, fast forward an hour  later.......It started with a "Hey Mom....I got one.  I got one!!!!! 
Everyone looked over at TJ's fishing rod which was doubled over the rail as he struggled to reel up what was obviously a really big fish!!!
He was so focused, so in the moment, cranking away with all his might as he reeled in the fish he had been dreaming about for so long!  You have never seen a smile so big and proud as the one on TJ's face!!  

Finally after several minutes, TJ's dream catch lay on the surface for all to see.  It was a huge Striped Bass!!! And by far the biggest of the day!!

Quickly the mates came and netted his fish and when they placed it on the deck at TJ's feet, it was a moment that no parent could ever forget.  

The profound joy, the innocence on his face, the giant beaming smile was beyond description as he shouted... "Look Mom what I caught!! Its Huge!!!!!

And in that moment, as TJ  beamed with pride looking at his catch while laughing and telling everyone to check out his monster fish, we were all reminded once again about the profound excitement and happiness that fishing can bring to all of us.  

The look on this 10 year olds face said way more then words can ever describe here.

Truly, this day is something that not only TJ, but his parents will cherish for the rest of their lives!

It is stories like this that make us love what we do as fishermen and why we have devoted ourselves to providing families and kids with the great opportunity to spend time fishing together on the water. 

And it is the reason we are so excited to announce our brand new FISHING FUN CAMP!!

For years the Celtic Quest Fleet has served our local school districts, boy scout and girl scout organizations and countless family groups by providing educational, child oriented family fishing trips on Long Island Sound. 

After receiving tons of great feedback and ideas from our customers, we have put together what we believe will be one of the most fun and adventure filled summer camps available to any child who loves fishing, boating or just being on the water!

What Your Child will experience:

  • FIRST CLASS SUPERVISION! - The camp will be stricly limited to approx 30 kids per session and each trip will be run by our highly trained USCG certified Captains and Crew.  All certified crew are drug tested and receive rigorous training.  In addition several other adult chaperons will also be onboard as well as 5 parent participants each week.  Total of 5-10 adults will be onboard per trip!
  • ALL STAR MARINER TRAINING! : From the essential elements of running a safe trip, to understanding all the best boating practices and lingo, your child will be given a comprehensive overview of everything they need to know to have a great time and most importantly, a safe one.  
  • TROPHY HUNTER SECRET TRICKS:  Our All Star crew will share their countless years of experience while teaching your child the basics of how to use a rod and reel as well as secret tips about how to catch the most fish! Your child will become a pro at fishing fundamentals in no time,  and haul in the big ones before you know it!
  • REELING IN THE BIG ONES! every trip will include time for fishing for all fish in season.  (Striped Bass, Porgies, Sea Bass and bluefish and more! ) Every child, no matter there experience can catch ( and we will do our best to make sure they all do :)  This way they can bring fresh fish dinner home to share with the family each night!!
  • SECRET BAY EXPLORATION!!  DISCOVER ALL THE AMAZING SEA LIFE THAT MOST DONT EVEN KNOW EXISTS!  Every trip will also feature a bottom trawl survey where the kids get to drag a small dredge along the bottom to discover a wide variety of sea life that live in Long Island Sound.  You never know what sea creatures you will tow up!
  • CAPTAINS FAVORITE NAVIGATION TOOLS AND TRICKS: Lots of great information about the Moon, tides, weather and how sailers make sense of it all so your child will better understand exactly how to find their way on the water, all taught by our highly experienced USCG Master licensed Captains. 
  • WILD DISCOVERY!: Throughout the trips, we will discuss various aspects of marine conservation and showcase local wildlife, giving your child a richer understanding and appreciation for the marine environment and all we can do to protect it for future generations.
  • THE MAGIC POT!!  What did we catch this week?  Every week we will set out baited lobster and fish pots that the kids will pull on each trip.  The look on their face when a big fish or lobster swims into the pot is priceless!!
  • WHO WANTS TO BE A CAPTAIN? Every child will get a fun, inside look into the Captains Wheelhouse!  Here they will learn about all the advanced sonar, radar and state of the art navigation technology our Captains use every day to locate lots of big fish for our customers!.  This is always one of the kids favorites!  
  • FUN FISH RECIPIES! - We will send your child home with some of our favorite recipes we have compiled over the years so you can enjoy a nice fresh fish dinner together!

Program is designed to provide every child with:

  • Fun, adventure and excitement as they get to explore the local waters of Long Island Sound aboard our state of the art Party Charter Fishing Boats. 
  • 1st class supervision and instruction from our staff about all aspects of fishing, conservation, local marine life and much more! All crew are highly trained, drug tested and exceptional at what they do.  Several crew are licensed school teachers as well with many years of experience working with children.
  • Great times with other like minded children their age.
  • Essential knowledge about boating safety and operation provided by our USCG certified Master License Captains
  • Safe, memorable and relaxing time so they will learn to love and appreciate how fun fishing and boating can be!
  • Highly beneficial camp experience that will not only entertain but also inspire your child to enjoy and appreciate their local marine environment.


"Courtesy .... Professional .... Expertise .... Kid-friendly .... These are the words that describe the Celtic Quest fishing operation. As the instructor for the FISH N KIDS Program for many years, I've been fortunate to be able to guide & escort literally 1000s of kids on countless field trips and a large majority of our adventures have been with Capt. Desi & his wonderful crew. They are the very BEST!

.... Capt. Jerry McGrath, School Teacher and Founder of the Fish N Kids Program


Here are the details:

  • AGES: Camp is available to all children going into 4th grade to 8th grade
  • TIME: Camp will sail every Wednesday for 4 consecutive weeks (July 2,9,16 and 23rd) from 9am to 2pm 
  • LOCATION: Celtic Quest Fleet, located in Port Jefferson Marina, port jefferson NY.
  • SUPERVISION PROVIDED: The camp will be stricly limited to approx 30 kids per session and each trip will be run by our highly trained USCG certified Captains and Crew.  All certified crew are drug tested and receive rigorous training.  In addition several other adult chaperons will also be onboard plus we are inviting 5 parents each week to join us as well.  Total of 5-10 adults will be onboard per trip!

  • HOW FAR OUT DO WE GO: We will be fishing  the calm waters off the local Port Jefferson Area and will be usually fishing within just a few miles from the dock.  Safety and comfort of the kids is our primary and main focus, so should there be any issue with weather etc, then we will adjust our trip to make sure everyone if comfortable and safe. 

  • SPACES ARE STRICTLY LIMITED to insure each child has excellent supervision and care.  This trip will sell out fast, so please absolutely book ahead!!
  • WHAT IS INCLUDED AND WHAT IS NOT: We include all Rods, Reels, Bait, tackle, safety equipment etc. Everything they need for the activities is included.  Only thing they need to bring is their lunch. We provide the rest!  **Note ** Lunch and drinks are not provided.
  • PRICE:  $270 for all 4 sessions!       

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Read what

others are saying about us:

"Whole crew is so helpful to guests of all ages especially the little ones!"
- Hank Arkin, Merrick, NY
The captains and crew of the Celtic Quest are just outstanding. Compared to other boats they are just very friendly and famy oriented. Always helpful and generous! - Todd, Rocky Point, NY
Crew was fantastic: got the fish right off the hook, solved any equipment probs right away, cleaned the fish and explained to me exactly what to do with it when i got home. Everyone was so helpful to the kids and novices. Great time!!  - Robert, Holbrook NY
The Celtic Fleet are a happy, clean, family run fishing operation dedicated to providing you with the best fishing experience on the LI Sound. - Mike Kelly , Smithtown, NY
Great day with my kids , and very patient crew with the kids . Great boat!!  - Christine Cosgrove , Ridge, NY
Children friendly operation.Good folks that operate Celtic Quest. 5 stars   - Josh, East Setauket, NY

Capt. Des and the crew have been great anytime me and my son have gone out on Celtic Quest. The crew is always friendly and answers any questions and happy to show my son how to catch different fish. They have great patience with the children who are willing to learn. 
-Maritza, Brentwood, NY

You guys have always make everyone feel like I'm one of the family... Great idea and have fun with it - Scott, Holbrook

Have always had a good time on the Celtic Qest in the past and the mates have always taken their time explaining things to children, walking around with odd species of fish showing them, letting them touch fish.  I watched the mate explain the difference between the different seagulls one day to a group of children and he spent the time showing them how he fillets porgies. Kevin, Holbrook, NY

Full Money Back Guarantee if you are not completely satisfied with your child's  experience!


We are committed to providing the highest quality, child friendly, educational and safe camp experience to your children.  

If for any reason you are not completely satisfied with the service we provided for your child, or if you feel in any way we have not delivered on our promise to create a fun filled and highly beneficial camp experience, then no questions asked,  you will receive a full refund for up to 30 days after the camp ends.  

That's our Promise to you!


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Money Back Guarantee



"Frequently Asked Questions"

Do we need a reservation for this camp?

Definitely!  We are strictly limited the amount of children and spots will fill up quick.  So please book in advance.

What forms of payment do you take ?

You can pay via credit card, paypal, check, money order, or cash.

What happens if it is bad weather?

If the weather is poor, we will cancel the trip for that day.  Safety is our first concern and we want to insure the kids have fun.  So should poor weather arise, then you will be notified the night before that the session is postponed.
We will try to reschedule the session another time but for any reason you child can't make the new date, then you will receive a partial refund for the day they missed.  ( 25% refund)

What do my kids have to bring onboard for the trip?

All they have to bring is their food and drinks.  Also we recommend they bring sun block, light sweatshirt just in case it is chilly.   Also, its a good idea for them to bring a small cooler if they wish to bring any fish home for dinner :)

Besides that they are good to go!  We provide everything else they need ( all rods bait tackle etc is included! )

Are parents allowed on this trip along with their kids?

Each day we do allow a few parents to come along for no extra charge.
If you wish to join us, these spots are limited as well, so please contact the office to arrange this in advance.